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Rabbit Hunting Guide Service

From mid-September through February, Rabbit Hunting is the main attraction at Benson's Kennel.  Alabama cottontail and swamp (cancutters) rabbits are found hiding in the briars and swamps of several woods. Hunters come together for the love of the land, it’s wildlife, the thrill of the hunt, and the memories created.

Benson's Kennel has over 500 acres to train hounds.  We are developing an additional 112 acres to host guided rabbit hunts.  Great care is being taken to develop and manage prime cover and food plots for attracting and holding cottontail and swamp rabbits.  Professional guides will use well-trained beagles to run and drive rabbits so that each hunter will have an opportunity to harvest rabbits.

We would be honored to help you create a rabbit hunting memory that will last a lifetime.




Price Includes

  • Access to prime rabbit hunting habitat

  • Professional guide

  • Well-trained beagles

    • Pack of 2-4 beagles per hunt

    • You can hunt over your own beagles if you desire

  • Opportunity to shoot several rabbits

  • Complimentary snacks and beverages.

Optional Package Add-Ons

  • Basic Rabbit Processing - $5.00/rabbit

  • Premium Rabbit Processing - $10.00/rabbit

  • Observer in the field - $50/day

  • Same Day Add-on - $250/per gun

  • Benson's Kennel Professional Hound Review - $200/half-day

    • Professional Benson's Kennel handler observe your pack of beagles and provide a detailed evaluation  

  • Add lodging or dining to any hunting reservation

Half-Day Rabbit Hunt

4 rabbits per person (10 rabbits per hunting party)

$300 per gun

Half-Day Beagle Run

Come run your beagles with Benson's Kennel

$200 per party

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Package                                               Rate

*Additional rabbits can be harvested after speaking with your hunting guide 

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