Every person need a mentor and every person needs a strategy. As your coach, my goal is to provide direction in both of these areas!  We will review your process in detail and help maximize everything you do!


The Process:

  • Schedule Your One on One Today
  • Watch This Video (video will be based upon your need)
  • After Your Call, Tips For Success
  • 3 Month Mentorship Program (Take Your Kennel to The Next Level - $1000)
  • Additional Resources and Next Steps

One-on-One: Mentorship and Strategy Session

  • Duration: 4 hrs

    Guide: Tremayne Benson

    Location: Benson's Kennel Resort - River Falls, AL

    Lodging: Local hotels are avaiable in Andalusia, AL

    Participants: 1 Adult

    • All youth 17 and under free to join you
    • $50 for every additional adult
    • 4 person limit per guided run

    What to wear: Snake-proof boots/chaps (recommendation only)

    Notes: You can bring your own beagles and/or you can watch Benson's Kennel beagles run.