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Are you tired of having "average" beagles.  Let's take your kennel to the "next level"!  Benson's Kennel Puppy Foundation Class will help your puppies get the jump start they need to become outstanding in the field.


  • Build your dog's ability to jump and run his own wild rabbit. Puppy will be initially trained to run rabbits solo, then slowly introduced to pack

  • Designed for puppies 6-12 months old

  • Puppy will be introduced to the e-collar

  • Puppy will be introduced to gun

  • Prepare him for the "Puppy Advanced Class".

  • $400 per month (usually a 4-8 week class)

Puppy Foundation Class

  • Duration: 4-8 weeks

    Trainer: Tremayne Benson and Staff

    Location: Benson's Kennel Training Grounds - River Falls, AL

    Time in Field: Average 3-4 days per week

    Participants: 1 Beagle


    ***We only except puppies for these classes during certain times of the year.  Your exact training date will be determined after speaking with Benson's Kennel staff.***