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Rabbit Hunting Land

If you own and/or lease land, Tremayne would like to come hunt with you.  Do you have rabbits on your land?  If so, click the button below to invite Tremayne and his crew to rabbit hunt on your land.



We will begin to offer hound and handler training classes in the future.  Stay tuned.

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A Tradition Of Breeding Fine Hounds

Benson's Kennel Hounds - Mr. Clark and Jake (rabbit dog)
Benson's King Moses.JPG

Ard Creek Jake



The  "Sportsman Channel show Deadmeat with Scott Leysath" and Benson's Kennel partnered together to enjoy a fun day of rabbit hunting and some wildgame food.

Field & Stream Magazine and Benson's Kennel partnered together to enjoy action-packed swamp rabbit hunting and to create life-long memories. Special thanks to T. Edward Nickens (Editor-at-Large Field & Stream) and Giacomo Fortunato Photography for the friendship and experience.


Alabama Outdoor News Magazine partnered with Britt & Cobb Kennels, Sandy Creek Kennels, and Benson's Kennel to enjoy an action-packed cottontail and swamp rabbit hunt.  The hunt was enjoyed by KJ Britt, Brad Gill, Greg Malcom, Henry Cobb, TD Moultry, Kenney Britt Sr., and Keenan Britt.

If it's freezing outside and you see me standing in water knee deep and you hear a pack of hounds roaring through the woods, don't call for help, I'm just at home!

- Tremayne

Tremayne was born into a family that have been training dogs for over 50 years.  The Benson family has a history of breeding and raising fine hounds.  The family tradition began with Andrew Moss (aka Uncle Andrew).  Uncle Andrew passed his passion for hunting and hounds to his nephew, James Benson (aka Uncle James). 


Uncle James is a "no non-sense" rabbit hunter!  He owned big and fast beagles that were able to put a lot of pressure on cottontails and swamp rabbits no matter what terrain they hunted.  Now Uncle James has placed the family tradition in the hands of his grandson and nephews - Vontae, Dric, and Tremayne.

Through hard work and dedication, Benson's Kennel is developing a trusted name in the industry.  Tremayne was fortunate to be tutored by Robert Clark (Ard Creek Kennel in River Falls, AL) for many years.  Mr. Clark had over 40 years of experience in breeding and training competition beagles and pleasure hunting mountain curs.  Mr. Clark hounds won several local and state hunts in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Texas.  Despite winning competitions and having a hound in the ARHA Little Pack Hall Of Fame, Mr. Clark enjoyed training puppies and handlers more than receiving awards.

Training and handling hounds is a way of life for the Benson Family.

Tremayne Benson -Beagle Trainer
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