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Training is the key to success.

-abbit hunting with beagles
-abbit hunting with beagles
-abbit hunting with beagles


Benson's Kennel Handler Training class provides students with more than a basic education; students are offered the knowledge and skills needed to be a rabbit dog trainer. The broad scope of the class immediately prepares handlers to begin training rabbit dogs upon completion.  Our goal is to provide you with proven training technics and knowledge to jump start your ability to train quality hounds.  A quality handler can produce quality rabbit dogs.


We would love to work with your rabbit dog.  Our rabbit dog training format has been proven and used for more than 30 years to train rabbit dogs for gun hunting and field trial prospect.  Our training program begins with the fundamentals and build skills based on that solid foundation.  We use a custom training format with the goal of creating a rabbit dog that fits the owner's needs and preferences.


Puppy Foundation Class

  • Build your dog's ability to jump and run his own wild rabbit. Puppy will be initially trained to run rabbits solo, then slowly introduced to pack

  • Designed for puppies 6-12 months old

  • Puppy will be introduced to the e-collar

  • Puppy will be introduced to gun

  • Prepare him for the "Puppy Advanced Class" on wild rabbits.

  • $400 per month (usually a 4-8 week class)

Benson's Kennel Beagle

3 training classes to take your kennel to the next level

Benson's Kennel Beagles


Advanced Training Class

  • Build your dog's ability to run his own wild rabbit and run with a pack.  Dog will learn to circle rabbit solo and with pack.

  • Designed for puppies 12-24 months old

  • Puppy will become more familiar with an e-collar

  • Puppy may be semi-broken from running deer.  If general hunting conditions permit we will conduct a few deer breaking sessions.

  • $400 per month (usually a 4-8 week class)


Handler Training Class

  • The handler's training class is designed to help new rabbit dog trainers learn proven methods to train dogs for pleasure and/or competition hunting. 

  • Each handler will have a one-on-one session with Tremayne. 

  • Tremayne will answer your questions and help you develop a plan to achieve your goal.

  • $700 for full certification.

Rabbit Hunting with Beagles